A'Chord East



A'Chord 2016bA'Chord East - Fun, Fellowship and Playing for all to Enjoy

The A'Chord ensemble meet each Wednesday at Beacon Heights Retirement Residence ( 2201 Montreal Road ) from 9:30 - 11:30

CONTACTS: Communications & Bookings - Kirsten Johnson ( 613-742-0577 ),   
Director & Music Arrangement - Jean Guy Lemay ( 613-740-0106 )


A'Chord East began in 2001 when two east end cello players(Joan Henry & Judy Cliche) started a string orchestra in the east end of Ottawa. The group has grown to include other instruments and music styles ranging from classical to folk. We now include vocals of some popular tunes for the enjoyment of our audiences. The goal of the ensemble is for fun, fellowship and playing for all to enjoy.

The group is run by a capable team of volunteers. The logistics of sharing the written score with each member was remedied by Gerry Cheverie in 2010 when he created our website. Gerry continued as webmaster until his death in 2015 when Ralph Scribner took over as webmaster. Jean Guy Lemay directs the group and arranges the music using the latest computer software. The latest revisions are sent to the webmaster who updates the website. The seasonal playlist is managed by Kirsten Johnson, Claire Lamarre-Goyer and Peter Maher with lots of input from each member. Communication and scheduling of gigs and practices is under the capable leadership of Kirsten Johnson.

Practices take place each Wednesday (9:30 - 11:30) at Beacon Heights Retirement Residence located  on 2201 Montreal Road (at the corner of Shefford Rd.). Over the years we had based our practices at Queenswood Villa and then at Portobello Retirement Residence but due to our increased numbers we outgrew our limited space. We still get requests for return performances at these residences and are happy to comply.